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You shouldn’t send a single message on Tinder (and chatting with a woman in general) until you understand this one thing.

And before you immediately click away and skip this paragraph because you think there is some esoteric nonsense coming …

Your inner attitude and your general perspective on chatting with a woman are incredibly important. Having the right perspective on interactions with women is a thousand times more important than knowing any ingenious techniques or certain text sequences. More specifically, these techniques and tricks work best when you have the right mindset, the right attitude.

From now on, you won’t write a single message to a woman until you have internalized the right mindset for successful chats.

Because on Tinder you don’t have many opportunities to establish yourself as an interesting, great man, to show attractive, masculine qualities such as self-confidence, to arouse their curiosity, etc.

In real life you have many more options: eye contact, facial expression, body language, tone of voice, intonation, pronunciation, body contact, etc.

These are all real-life ways to create attraction, interest, and show her that you are a confident, desirable man.

And a lot has to do with HOW your texts affect them and not WHAT exactly you write.

It is less about WHAT you say, and more about what what you say SAYS about you. How it comes across, what you convey through it, what resonates between the lines.

And the decisive factor for conveying the RIGHT thing and SAYING OUT in chat is your attitude towards chatting and women in general.

Only if you internalize these things and always keep them in mind, you will be successful in chatting with women.

Because only with this attitude can you write in such a way that it creates curiosity, attraction and interest: courageous, surprising, self-confident, cheeky, challenging, entertaining, etc.

If you have read the article carefully so far, then you now have an optimal basis to get started with the specific chat strategies.

First you get some of our ingenious basic tips & tricks and then we tell you our 3-phase chat system how to get from the match to the phone number.

And you get ALL of our best tips from thousands of chats as well as loads of screenshot examples.

But first I would like to give you the most important Tinder chat tip on the way.

Over the years, we at the TinderAcademy have discovered and refined hundreds of ingenious tips & tricks for more success in chatting with women.

You need a clear strategy, a very specific timetable, instead of just writing back and forth at random.

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