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While I liked wide tops and retro dresses without a SG, I put on pants, narrow tops without a neckline that I tucked into the pants and with a SG. Anything to keep him from touching me. I stayed with him for 3 years and after 2 years I was able to get rid of him thanks to a very good friend and I broke up.

It took a little over a year (almost two years) for me to start to stop wearing SGs again. And at the start of my relationship with my companion, Apostolis, I rarely wore it, but almost every time I saw it. Then one day we went on a trip to Greece, her home country, to visit her parents and I realized that I had only planned one SG for the three weeks. After the second week, he noticed that I wasn’t wearing one and was amazed: he knew about my history with my ex. Since that vacation and mainly since he noticed it, I haven’t recovered.

Apostolis, love the idea and find that I am myself when I don’t wear one since it goes hand in hand with my other convictions: I do not use cosmetics (makeup, perfume, varnish, hair dye, etc.), I do not pluck my eyebrows and I accept my body as it is with its curves, stretch marks and scars. Some even say that it’s perfectly normal not to wear it and that he doesn’t understand why most women follow the dictates of fashion when it’s not good for them.

I know that the situation I went through with my ex must be a relatively common one, but I hope that society and especially men will stop sexualizing breasts. A woman who does not wear a SG does not mean that touching her breast is requested or accepted.

I hope that through your blog and other blogs, the company will realize that a SG is just a dispensable accessory

It’s comforting to come across an article like yours when you reluctantly decide to buy nipple covers to navigate more freely without a bra in a professional environment … and although this injunction seems stupid ( anti-ecological on the one hand, then moderately healthy because the glue in contact with the skin does not seem particularly desirable to me, and on the other hand, the burden of designing clothes that allow the nipples to be concealed should not fall on the fashion industry, which shows extraordinary laziness in this area, instead of offering tops adapted to no-bra in each collection …)

I haven’t worn it for 3 years, and honestly I have never surprised anyone looking at me differently.

Personally, I find the shape of the breasts prettier naturally than with a bra, I can’t stand the rounded effect it gives.

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